Debra-Anne Barnes, born Feb 6, 1983, is a Canadian self-taught multi-disciplinary mixed media visual and textile artist currently residing in the beaches neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario.

She has played many roles in Toronto's arts community over the past 15 years. Her primary focus is re-defining the curios and reviving magical thinking. When not working on her ever expanding body of visual artwork, she creates pottery as well as one of a kind handmade toys.

Her foray into sharing work started in 2002 with her premiere solo exhibit ‘Debra Barnes’ Personal Favours’ with the presentation of a collection of small ink drawings created from 1996-2002. She continues to explore the world simply, playfully and with a humorous off centre personality.

Her work is fast, impulsive, often offering a unique self-awareness and sensitivity. She has recently re-kindled her love of portraiture using film photography, and shoots using her fathers Mamiya c330s medium format camera.

a curios: a thing unusual perhaps worthy of collecting.